N.S.S. College, Pandalam is one among the three earliest premier institutions of higher education, established by the Nair Service Society, a leading educational agency and a social organization. The founder of the N.S.S., the Late Padmasree Mannathu Padmanabhan a great visionary and social reformer believed that education is the most effective means of social reforms. The college keeps its tradition and identity in the higher education scenario of Kerala especially through the manner and the mode of implementing the curricular aspects in such a way so as to fulfill the vision, mission and the goal of the college. The foundation stone of the college was laid in the month of February 1949. The college started functioning as a second grade college in the year 1950 offering intermediate courses of the University of Travancore. More courses in the Degree and Post Graduate level were introduced in the successive years and at present, with a total of fifteen Degree Programmes and seven Post Graduate courses and the research programme in Zoology, it is recognised as a special grade Post Graduate College affiliated to University of Kerala. In its long history that spans over half a century, the College has been trying to cater to the academic needs of the student community along with the social and cultural warmth that it has been spreading to the larger world outside. The institution has an impeccable record of providing value based education displaying sensitivity to the changing educational, social and market demands. Research being the most potential area of higher education, the college takes maximum care and attention to promote a research culture among the faculty and students. Thus the college concentrates on total quality by introducing a holistic approach in its academic pursuit. The College provides quality education by assuring a peaceful, learner friendly, progressive and democratic ambience in fulfilling its noble vision, mission and goal

The College was re-accredited at 'A' grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council in 2014


Imparting knowledge to gain wisdom and to liberate the individual from all bondages to build a better world. The Bhagavat Gita Smriti. “Sreyohi Njanam Abhyasath” - Knowledge indeed is superior to constant practice - inscribed in the college emblem embodies the vision of the college.


Educate and illuminate the young generations to build a strong and progressive nation where the rich values and traditions are upheld.

Aims and Objectives

This college is established for providing educational opportunities lo the young men and women of our country irrespective of their religion, caste or creed. The college aims to provide integral personality development oriented education and training, which will enable the students-

to think freely and to be firm on principles

to preserve and encourage noble values

to develop good character and personality and become citizens

who are assets to society.

Through academic excellence, development of skills and character formation, the college hopes to produce committed and inspired young men and women with a holistic approach to life.

Principal : Dr. K. N. Viswanathan Nair